Eagle I

"Eagle I - an IoT based smart solution that converts infrastructure into SMART infrastructure”.

We help infrastructure assets generate More money, Less Carbon- Faster !
”And help companies achieve their revenue growth targets by making use of their existing investments”

What is SMART

  • SMART is Efficient – Converts the existing Energy solutions to SMART Energy solutions
  • SMART is Sustainable – Reduces Carbon Foot Print more environment Friendly
  • SMART is Secure and Safe
  • SMART is Scalable, Traceable, Trackable, and Measurable.
  • SMART is Eagle I – The Birds Eye View of every distributed and geographically scattered Infrastructure

When used as an Energy Management Tool (EMT), Eagle-I, provides IoT based ecosystem supported by algorithm to optimize the load and its associated Carbon footprint, in alignment with all available resources like, the weather bureau and Power Supplier load shedding schedules. in case of SMART Transportation external data such as road maps, weather data and traffic data

Telenoetica Energy Management tool

Eagle I Application

SMART Energy Management Tool

Telenoetica Solution To Achieve Goal Zero Carbon